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Our Herbalists

All of our herbalists and bloom practitioners are able to abetment you with your bloom and wellness needs. If you accept a bloom affair and would like to affix with any one of our practitioners, artlessly admit an appointment.

Amber S. Merkens, Resident Herbalist

Amber is a clinically accomplished herbalist with a affection for the healing abeyant that exists area science and attitude meet. Amber’s claimed accord with the accustomed world,along with her all-encompassing training in European, Chinese, and Ayurvedic systems of herbal medicine, folk herbalism, and holistic nutrition, all acquaint her assignment and accredit her to cautiously bout bodies with the plants and foods that will best abutment their accomplished bloom account - in body,
mind, and spirit.

Amber ally with her audience as assistant and guide, to bare basis causes of imbalance, accept access amid symptoms, and actuate the body’s congenital healing capacity. She offers customized formulas because, back artfully advised for a specific individual’s body, formulas generally assignment faster than a distinct assemble and accept deeper, broader, best abiding effects.

Amber’s roots as a dancer, doula, lactation counselor, and ancestors apostle accord her a abstruse compassionate of anatomy, physiology, and the specific bloom challenges which appear about fertility, pregnancy, abundance loss, birth, and postpartum. While she specializes in allowance bodies antithesis their hormones, optimize their children’s health, and administer their musculoskeletal affliction through the abutment of herbal medicine, she is able to advice anyone gluttonous herbal guidance.

Consultation Rates: $250 for a 90 minute appointment and a 30 minute follow-up.

We acclaim signing up for a 10-minute adulatory consultation with the Herbalist in advance.

Jason Erdan

Jason is a analytic herbalist who completed his acceptance in Acceptable Chinese Anesthetic from The Convention of Herbal Anesthetic and Nutrition. His educational accomplishments is in both Western and Eastern Herbalism, Botany, Psychology, Allure and Aliment Science. Additionally, Jason has his Acceptance in Brainy Bloom Commutual Medicine(CMHIMP).

He has abounding years acquaintance consulting for a cardinal of healthcare professionals, including physicians in adjustment to abetment audience with a cardinal of ailments. His focus is to accommodate abatement of issues such as abiding pain, annoyed basin syndrome, anxiety, insomnia, chemotherapy recovery, weight loss/gain, ancillary furnishings from medications, and cerebral enhancement. Jason’s access is one that incorporates the apperception and the body. This is able through the use of botanical formulas, amino acids, vitamins, comestible adjustments, and activity appearance changes in adjustment to accompany the anatomy and the apperception aback to a accompaniment of homeostasis.

Jason considers bubbler tea a adoration and believes durably that “there is a tea for every ailment and there is a aliment for every mood.”

Consultation Rates: $250 for a 90 minute appointment and a 30 minute follow-up.

We acclaim signing up for a 10-minute adulatory consultation with the Herbalist in advance.

Grace Yoon

Grace Yoon is a certified holistic bloom practitioner, Korean herbalist and Architect of Qi Alchemy, a Korean herbal band committed to accouterment accuracy and aerial affection age-old Eastern remedies to the avant-garde world. Cartoon from her own heritage, Adroitness comes from a bearing of farmers and a practitioner of Eastern medicine. This has provided the foundation in her ability of herbal and acceptable Korean anesthetic and plant–based nutrition. Adroitness maintains a clandestine holistic bloom convenance specializing in Korean wellness. She integrates Korean herbs and brewed superfoods to advice individuals absorb nutrient-dense foods into their circadian lives. During her additional time she enjoys foraging comestible plants and flowers abreast her ancestors acreage in Paju, Korea, practices Qigong, and studies Eastern philosophy. You can apprentice added about her business at www.qialchemy.com.


$250.00 for 90min Appointment adulatory 30 min chase up.

Arielle Hayat, Herbalist

Arielle Hayat 

Arielle Hayat is a analytic herbalist with 3 years of accelerated training from Arbor Vitae Academy of Acceptable Herbalism in New York City. Her acquaintance as an herbalist is characterized by her own analytic work, in accession to commutual a 2.5 year herbal apprenticeship affidavit affairs at 25 year old alleviative assemble boutique Annual Ability Herbs and Roots absorption on the Six Accomplish of Healing of the Astute Woman Attitude beneath mentor, Lata Kennedy. Arielle hosts workshops at wellness haven, The Alchemist’s Kitchen and added NYC locales to empower and adviser her association to a convalescent affairs that focuses on wellness from the central out.

Her apprenticeship in accustomed bulb anesthetic weaves the methodologies of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Built-in American folk, European herbalism, and The Astute Woman attitude (the oldest attitude of healing on our planet) to attend the mind, anatomy and body of her clientele.

Arielle’s specialty lies in protocols and custoM formulations for allowance the anatomy acclimate to stress, and acclamation brainy wounds acquired by the affects of astriction and anxiety. She additionally sees audience with issues accompanying to gut/ digestion, viral infections, adrenals, hormones and more. Through their assignment together, Arielle’s audience balance their close peace, and acquaintance abstruse affecting and concrete transformation through lifestyle, diet, and herbs.

Arielle is currently on sabbatical.

Ana Lygia, Herbalist

Ana Lygia

Ana is a analytic herbalist with a accomplishments in beheld arts, who accelerating from a three-year affairs at ArborVitae Academy of Acceptable Herbalism in Manhattan. Cartoon from her own heritage, Ayurveda and TCM, amid added healing rituals– Ana’s ambition is to advice her audience move into balance, as able-bodied as abutment association wellness.

She has a accurate absorption in the afraid arrangement and abatement imbalances of the heart– including grief, addictions, anxiety, and the repercussions of abiding stress.

She has helped audience cross their digestive distress, beddy-bye issues, allowed dysregulation (allergies, autoimmune), musculoskeletal affliction (including fibromyalgia), hormonal imbalances, and added with herbal remedies abiding in circadian self-care.

Ana is currently on sabbatical.

Rachelle Robinett, Herbalist

Rachelle Robinett

Rachelle Robinett is a Holistic Bloom Practitioner, Analytic Herbalist, and Architect of Abnormal - a aggregation committed to plant-based real-world wellness. Rachelle combines her ability of herbal and acceptable medicine, plant–based nutrition, and addiction adjustment into holistic solutions for individuals gluttonous best-being in their bodies and minds. Rachelle maintains a clandestine apprenticeship convenance in New York, and afresh launched HRBLS: herbal antidote gummies for accent and all-overs relief. Otherwise, she can be begin publishing, teaching, speaking, advising for wellness companies, or exploring plants in far-away places.

“I am aggressive to accept as abundant about the animal acquaintance as one can in one life, and to construe that acquirements into practices that we can all use to be happier, healthier, and added fulfilled. Plants are our food. Aliment is our medicine. Attributes is our antecedent of life. Let us alive with it.”

Rachelle is currently on sabbatical.

Micaela Foley, Herbalist

Micaela Foley

Micaela is a practicing herbalist with an educational accomplishments in Western herbalism, alchemy, and medical astrology. Recently, she completed the foundation advance from herbal college, ArborVitae Academy of Acceptable Herbalism.

She ahead completed a year-long online advance on abracadabra and abstruse herbalism with The Academy of Evolutionary Herbalism. Her healing protocols booty a practical, artistic access to astute and abiding bloom issues—especially autoimmune and anarchic disorders—and absorb simple but finer mapped affairs for diet and lifestyle, techniques and abutment for affecting well-being, and custom blends.

Micaela offers anniversary applicant a absolutely different experience, and empowers them with a basal compassionate of herbal anesthetic and energetics so that they can abide to alleviate themselves.

Micaela is currently on sabbatical.