Nike Air Jordan Retro 6 OG Carmine White Black RELEASE DATE: 02/13/2021

Possibly marking the 30th Anniversary of Michael Jordan winning his first NBA championship with his Air Jordan 6.

Nike Air Jordan Retro 6 OG Carmine 

Nike Air Jordan Retro 11  Clear Metallic Silver

Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG White University 

Nike Air Jordan Retro 9 Black Charcoal University

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Jordan 14 Retro White Hyper Royal

The Air Jordan 14 Hyper Royal isn’t an OG colorway but it could easily pass as one. Reminiscent of the original Candy Cane colorway, this new take on the 14 is a complete contrast to the Toro Gym Reds that dropped earlier this year. The Hyper Royal Jordan 14 provides a clean colorway for everyday wear.


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